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I’m not a huge Apple fan. Honestly, because I haven’t figured out how to move through the operations as quickly as I can with a PC. Judge me. Anyway, I have been getting this little pop up screen every time I plug my phone in to charge. It has something to do with my storage on iCloud. Today I took it upon myself to filter through the apps that are essential and the apps that are just taking up space in my phone. At times we download seasonal apps that we use for a few weeks and then the hype dies down (IE: Voxer)


I’ll give an overview of each app, and what they are used for in my life, and how you can download and start using them yourself.

SunTrust Mobile Banking App– Online banking is one of my main resources for maintaining my finances. Since I am a young college student it has become important for me to monitor my spending at all times. Gone are the days when banks gave you those tiny ledgers to write down all of your debits or credits. By using SunTrust Mobile Banking App I can access my account at any time and view my balance. I don’t have to call an automated dialer, or guess how much money I have in my account anymore because it is at my fingertips. I personally use SunTrust because they are normally found in SafeWays. Since I shop at Safeway it just makes sense to bank there. They are most convenient because they are open until 7PM on weekdays, and until 4PM on weekends (even on Sunday). Most prominent banks have a banking app, so if you do not have SunTrust you can download any banking app you choose.

Daily Press App– As depressing as the news can be, everyone should be abreast with what is going on in the world or at least locally. Daily Press is an online newspaper for the Hampton Roads Metro Area. Since I was born and raised there it is important for me to know what is going on. Although I no longer live in that area I am still interested in knowing about businesses that emerge and crime that occurs. Most news outlets have free apps that you can download to keep up with the news locally and nationally. Since there is all of this North Korea talk, gun laws, and traffic light camera changes- you may not want to get hit by a missile or run a red light. You want to know what changes are going on and how they will affect you and your family. Be aware!

Tip Calculator App– I believe the average server makes roughly $3.60 per hour. I don’t know about where you are from, but where I am from that is barely one gallon of gas. That means if I work 8 hours a day that would give me 8 gallons of gas (not even a full tank). Basically, servers depend heavily on tips for survival. Both of my brothers were servers at some point in their lives so I know the importance of tipping – properly. I chose this particular Tip Calculator because it allows you to select the percentage you want to tip based on the service you receive. It also allows you to select the number of people in your party just in case you all are splitting the tab. The calculator does the easy part for you – you just have to pay.

Take a look…


Holy Bible App–  Life can be very hectic at times. I rely greatly on my spirituality and faith to keep me sane. I downloaded the Holy Bible app to keep me on point with my faith. It also serves as a reminder that I can rely on my spiritual beliefs when I am feeling down in the dumps. While I love my physical bible it isn’t always as accessible as my app. Another reason I prefer to use the app is because I can read the bible when I am getting ready for bed and the lights are out. I don’t have to get comfortable, read my physical bible, get back out of bed, put my bible away, and turn the lights out. I can literally roll over in bed, read, and roll over to go to sleep. Very simple.

If you have other beliefs they also have free apps for the Quran, Torah, etc. Or if you are just a general spiritual person they also have faith or inspirational apps that can be downloaded for free. Your choice.

MapQuest– Anyone that knows me personally knows that I get lost every where I go. It has gotten to the point where I have to leave my house with enough time for me to get lost in order for me to be on time to anything. “Live and Die by my GPS” my brother always says. Well, I don’t have a GPS!! I was always using the rinky dink GPS that Apple provides to every iPhone user. Yeah, the one that gets everyone lost! I got sick and tired of being known as “the lost girl”. Every time I’d arrive some where  everyone would give me the, “you got lost, didn’t you?” face. I tried a few different apps to solve this problem, but I stuck with MapQuest. It is a very user friendly app and it has truly helped me navigate my life better. I think it is very accurate and it also talks at you. I normally plug it into my aux cable in my car and “tada”, I got a GPS! Don’t be a lost soul, you can download this app for free.

MyFitnessPal/RunKeeper App– I am on a semi-healthy kick right now. I recently loss 9lbs, and I only have two things to thank for that. That is right ladies…diet and exercise! It truly is the only thing that actually works. People always ask me how I did it. I can proudly say these two apps have truly helped me on my journey. MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter and diet tracker. It allows you to put in your goal weight, current physical activity, age, and gender. It will then give you the amount of calories that you can or should eat per day. After that you can start logging. You can even log exercise.



At the end of your day it will give you this…


Cool, right! I think so too.

RunKeeper helps me keep on track with my exercise. It has a built in GPS that maps your runs and also counts calories for you. You also need to put in your weight, age, and gender for accuracy. As I get older I am realizing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. I am trying to eat better and make physical activity apart of my daily routine. I will blog a little more about my physical journey and food choices a little later this year.

Groupon/LivingSocial App– These are my two most recent downloads. Groupon and Living Social apps are great ways to find local discounted events and services. I recently used LivingSocial for a Brazilian wax at Kelly’s Skin Therapy Spa. I really enjoyed the convenience of it. They also feature local events such as wine festivals, pottery events, and even whitewater rafting. They do this all at a discounted rate. My brother and has girlfriend recently did a scavenger hunt in DC they found on Groupon. They had a great time.

dougPatty Mayonnaise & Quail Man

Pandora/iHeartRadio App- A few years ago I was working for a privately owned company that had contracts with different financial institutions. We were responsible for releasing car titles to clients who paid off their car loans. The work was very repetitive and often boring. Pandora was one of the first apps I downloaded when I got an iPhone. Pandora was my best friend at work. The great thing about this app is you can type in any artist, and it will play music that is similar or in the same genre as that artist.

I recently downloaded iHeart radio and it has quickly become one of my favorite apps. I really enjoy listening to New York radio. iHeart radio allows you to access any radio station you would like to listen to and it allows you to get a live stream of what they are playing. Happy ears!

YouTube App- I thought about being a YouTube guru once, but every time I tried I failed miserably. I guess I’ll jus stick with this blogging thing. I believe YouTube has evolved into a self help channel. You can log onto YouTube today and learn how to install a printer. It really is fascinating! I watch YouTube to get reviews on the latest products, and I may watch a music video here and there. If you are looking for a step by step “how to” video you can start at YouTube.

Instagram/Twitter Apps- Although I stay away from Facebook, I do dabble in some social media via Twitter and Instagram. You can follow me at both – @ladyylaura. Instagram is for pictures and Twitter is for ranting. No, I’m kidding! (…but seriously)

GroupMe App- I use GroupMe to create joint chats between non-iPhone users. If all of your friends have iPhones you could just use the standard iMessage that Apple provides for group chats. Since my friends aren’t as cool as your friends I downloaded GroupMe to create conversations with specific groups of people. We often use it for my Greek organization as well. This allows everyone to be on the same page with life. The beauty of it is you don’t have to have an iPhone to do it.


Emoji App- What is an iPhone with out Emojis??

Comment below if you would like me to expand on any apps, or if you have suggestions for useful apps.

What do you think?

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