One thing you will learn about me is that I love to try new things. New things meaning – new food. This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting laMadeleine for the first time. It was suggested by my brother’s girlfriend over Famous Dave’s . Although I was looking forward to a nice barbecue sandwich, I had already been to Famous Dave’s on numerous occasions. After taking a quick car vote we chose this country French café instead.

The inside of the café had a very warm feeling. Everything was very earth toned and made out of wood. They had a section where you could refill your own drinks and complimentary bread was out for your enjoyment. They also had jam, butter, honey, etc. to use for the bread. Drinks were served in glass cups and metal silverware was given for utensils. The place was quiet even though it was filled with lots of guests. Many people came out with their families or friends, but I did see a couple of people who were sitting alone, quietly reading the local newspaper. It seems like a nice place to go for a lunch date with a friend.

After carefully looking over the menu I  decided to go with the Duet Magnifique (half sandwich, your choice of chips or Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta Salade* and a cup of soupe or petite Caesar Salade). The Duet Magnifique is basically like the pick two of Panera Bread, only you get three choices. My three choices included a Chicken Salade Croissant, cup of French onion soup (from heaven), and the Tomato Basil Pasta Salade.


Anything on a croissant should be considered a delicacy in my opinion. My Chicken Salade Croissant was nice, warm, and flaky. The chicken they used was seasoned very well. It had the perfect amount of mayonnaise and celery. I was very pleased!

I truly believe the French onion soup came from heaven. I really enjoy French onion over most soups, so one can imagine I have tried every French onion soup from every café on the planet. The soup was the right temperature, the croutons were nice and soft, but not soggy. I really liked the taste of the onions and the broth. The onions were perfectly caramelized. I will be honest and say that it would be considered a little on the salty side for some but I loved it!

The only thing I really didn’t care too much for was the Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta Salade. It was very greasy, bland, and pointless. I could have definitely gone with out it. I did have the option of going with a petite Caesar Salade which I should have chosen instead. My brother’s girlfriend said she really enjoyed hers.


I am not really a dessert person, but I was coerced into getting a Sacher torte mini parfait. A Sacher torte typically has two layers of chocolate sponge cake, one thin layer of apricot jam, and a dark chocolate icing on top. This one does not appear to have the same composition as the original style has, nonetheless;  it was the best dessert I had in a long time. Since I have been dieting I try to stay away from chocolate because it can be my worst enemy at times.


Overall, I had a nice dining experience. I would go again to try the Shrimp Crepe Floretine. I was told that it is very tasty. I would say my brother did not really enjoy his sandwich too much, so I would not recommend the Chicken Caesar sandwich or the Tomato Basil Pesto Salade.


They have about 60 locations worldwide and they are now a franchise, so you could own one if that is what you are into. They were founded in Dallas, TX and apparently expanding.

Let me know if you have any restaurant suggestions or if you’ve ever been to laMadeleine and had a different experience.

Happy eating!

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