I’ve done a lot of packing in my life
That’s what he said
In the back of my mind I dream of the day he’ll feel comfortable enough to settle
His nomadic mind
My spirit tends to wander
I dream of the day I can hang up frames on our living room walls
Just us 3
Thoughts of us debating what kind of tiles we should get on our floors
I think of packing and unpacking
Packing for a warm sun that awaits us in Jamaica
But I’m still trying to figure out ways to unpack the hurt
I don’t have it all figured out yet
And I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to make you stay
But I have counted every freckle on your face just in case I miss something while you are away
And I have seen fire in your eyes before
Fire that has been ignited with passion
And fire that has been put out by tears
The fire that makes you unpack and pack again
You say you have done a lot of packing in your life
Mainly because every time you try to pack
I’m sneaking your possessions through a hole that you still haven’t noticed exists.

What do you think?

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