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My hair has personality. It has an “I’m gonna do what I want”, “You don’t own me”, kinky curly kind of attitude. I struggle a lot with my hair but I have figured out how to manage. I manage by trying new products that friends and YouTube gurus recommend. I have tried Mixed Chicks, Kinky Curly, and Shea Moisture products. Today I want to discuss a new product that I saw gaining popularity in the healthy hair market, Goddess Curls. I picked up Goddess Curls from Target for $7.99. They also have other products that range from $7.99 – $19.99. I am interested in trying them in the future but- one thing at a time.

goddess curls

 One thing I have learned about my hair is I can train it to do anything. I just have to have lots of time. My hair requires lots of attention, time, and patience. I decided to use the product the same day I purchased it because I was invited to a happy hour for a friend’s birthday that night. I thought, “Perfect! If this thing works this could be epic!”

The products I used included:

Coconut oil (Softee)

Styling Gel (Pro-styl)

Goddess Curls (Curls)

Step 1: I co-washed my hair with Herbal Essences (Hello Hydration) conditioner. I often leave a little bit of conditioner in my hair because it can get very dry as the day goes by. It needs as much oil as it can get. Then I detangled it. Detangling is not a problem when I use Hello Hydration. It is a smooth process. After that I took my hair and divided it into pieces to start my two strand twists. I did not divide it into any particular format. I just parted pieces and started twisting. Part of the reason why I do it this way is because my hair has a natural curl pattern, and I have big hair. I really don’t have to do too much to assist with that. When I take them out everything tends to fall into place.The other reason I do it this way is out of sheer laziness. I do pay a little more attention when I am doing the twist in the front because I part my hair in the front a certain way.

curl twisttwisty

Step 2: After I am done with the twisting I usually put on a bonnet and call it a night. I would let it air dry until the morning and then do the untwisting. Since I was going to a happy hour later that evening I had to blow dry it.



Step 3: After about 30 minutes of impatiently blow drying my hair. I ran into crunch time. My hair wasn’t fully dry but it was dry enough for me to start taking my twists out. If you try this out you should definitely sit under a dryer for an hour, or let it air dry over night. You will get the best results this way. I also had a little more time because I still had to drive to my friend’s apartment, and she was still getting dressed.


Step 4: Once we were ready to leave I took them out carefully. They were not all dry so I let them get some more air before I started to separate them further. I decided I wasn’t going to comb my hands through them too much since it was a little wet. I would have been a giant fur ball by the end of the night had I separated them completely.


End of the night:

By the end of the night my hair was frizzy but a little wavy. I can credit that to drunk people brushing up on me, and my hair not being fully dry. Overall I liked the product. I also added some oil and brushed my edges the next morning. I got rid of the frizz, so now it looks fabulous again. I am not raving about the product, but I would use it again.


Let me know if you try it, or recommend any other products.

I’m a lover of all things new 🙂

What do you think?

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