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I had a very eventful weekend. I am always looking for things to blog about. I am so excited to share my adventures with my readers.

Even though I am going through this 30 day challenge I took a break this weekend (I know, I know…too soon). I had the pleasure of dining at a lounge in Washington DC named Co Co Sala. It was my brother’s girlfriend’s birthday so we were looking for an exciting new scene. Co co Sala was the perfect spot!


The lounge had a very chic and intimate atmosphere. While there we drank, laughed, and tried several items on the menu. Most of the meal and drink items had some component of chocolate.  I was super excited to try some of the things that one would not typically pair with chocolate such as the Creole Crab Cakes.


mango salsa / chipotle chocolate tomato glaze / avocado cilantro emulsion

The presentation of this meal was exquisite! I was pleased with the mango salsa and the chipotle chocolate tomato glaze. I really enjoyed the avocado at the bottom of the cakes. It was a nice surprise. The cakes were crispy on the outside, and the crab was fluffy and warm on the inside. I really enjoyed my meal. I would warn anyone that is attending to be aware of the portion sizes. The meals do not come with any sides. What you see in this photo is what you get. It was very appetizing, however; it was not enough food to fully satisfy me. I did decide to order some French fries that came with chocolate dipping sauce.


meyer angus / co co. mole sauce / sautéed spinach / wild mushrooms

My brother decided to order the Bleu Cheese Beef Slider Duo. They reminded me of “Crabby Patties” from SpongeBob Squarepants. I must say the beef was very tender and well seasoned. I am not really a bleu cheese kind of girl, so I didn’t really care for the flavoring too much. I do, however; recommend this meal for someone who likes bleu cheese and mushrooms. This is another good option if you are looking for a more hardy meal.

What I noticed through out the night is most people go to Co Co Sala for the drinks and dessert. We were very excited to try their signature drinks. My first drink was The “MMM” Malted Milk Martini

ImageSvedka Vanilla / Bailey’s / Malted Chocolate

I would be lying to say this wasn’t the best part of my dinner. This Irish cream blend mixed with Vanilla vodka was to die for! It was very creamy and had just the right amount of kick to it. I would recommend this drink to anyone that goes. I was going to get a second one, but decided not to because I was told I should try more items. It was so good that I didn’t really care to try anything else!

Another drink we tried was called: Fetish

ImageFresh Strawberries/ Chocolate-Infused Vodka/ Strawberry Foam/ Chocolate Dipped Berry

If you love strawberries I would recommend this drink to you for obvious reasons. It was a perfect blend of strawberry flavors with a hint of chocolate. It also had a nice kick to it. Both of these drinks were not very strong tasting, but they were definitely alcohol infused. After a couple of rounds we were ready to go for obvious reasons, but we couldn’t leave a place that is famous for chocolate without having a dessert. We settled on the Chocolate Onyx:

Imagedark chocolate mousse / vanilla crème brulee / salted caramel / crispy chocolate pearls / brownie /
dark chocolate sorbet / cinnamon toffee bon bon+

This dessert was shared between four people. We thought about ordering two, but we were very happy we didn’t. The chocolate on this desert was very rich and a little overwhelming for just one person. There was nothing wrong with the desert it was just so rich one would probably get an upset stomach if they ate it all in one sitting. The part I liked best in the dessert was the brownie. It was indescribable. The texture was amazing.

We had a great night! I believe all parties enjoyed themselves and we were all pleased with the items we chose to try. Our bill came up to $154.00 (not including gratuity). As one can see we spent about $40.00 each, so it can get pretty expensive. If you ever get a chance to visit please let me know how it goes.

Try some of my recommendations! You won’t be disappointed.

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