Too Good To Be True

All of this moving and packing has prompted me to do some soul searching. As I looked through the books I had accumulated over the past years I found myself in a library last week grabbing anything that looked remotely interesting.

Here is what I found…

“We are no longer falling in love, the two of us; we are in love and getting used to living together. The high is not quite so addling these days, but sometimes when I look at [her] across the breakfast table, or even on the subway platform while we wait (and wait) for the G train, a drowsiness comes over me that feels altogether new. It is the comfort that comes from trust; it is the mercy of all second chances; it is the slow-release narcotic dispensed from deep within the human organism when you have chosen someone and she has chosen you. It is a gift, and I am trying to keep it.”

Finals will be over after today, and I am motivated to write about books that have inspired me. Stay tuned there is more…

What do you think?

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