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While browsing YouTube after high school I discovered old Def Poetry Jam videos. I had heard of Def Comedy Jam, but I never got to see the poetry ones while they were still airing on HBO. I decided to share with you all some of my favorites that I have come across over the years. Some of them are funny, some of them are romantic, some of them are heart wrenching, but you can learn something from all of them.

I encourage you to watch them more than once. Most of the time you will need to watch it over and over again to get the full message. I have been watching the same ones for years and years, and even till this day I still catch something I didn’t before.

Hey, that’s poetry…

(Disclaimer: The videos are old, so the quality is not going to be the best)


In Response

“And we live a love that God would envy// and for her I would carry the cross  for my own crucifixion if it would make her have more faith in me”

Penny for Your Thoughts

“I’d rather be naked and exposed, holding you as we’re lying, and your crying while confiding, and describing the tough times you had in life, and how you don’t know if you can keep a relationship long enough to be somebody’s wife”


Wife, Woman, Friend

“And even though his name is not on my lease//Got sh*t in my house that’s off limits to me, like his side of MY bed”

Sick and Tired

“I’m sick of being an invisible to everyone except the cops//and I’m sick of George Bush acting arrogant about his ignorance”

The Auction Network

“This N**** talks loud in movie theatres, restaurants, libraries, and any where quiet is appreciated”

Thought Provoking/Serious:

My Everything

“If I could only make the streets seem less sweet// If I could only place each tear at their feet for every victim// At least I’d have hopes to sway them with currents that run deep enough”

Father’s Day

“And I break down later in areas of my house I keep my secrets in//and even later I whisper things to them all in their sleep I only wish I had the courage to tell them when they were awake”


“And I don’t know much about reincarnation either//But if you make me laugh hard enough sometimes I forget what century I am in”

Niggers Niggas & Niggaz

“So don’t blame the boys on the A train//blame the men who put the myth that it was ok say it in their brain”

(Another disclaimer: Once I started looking for videos to post I had trouble eliminating some. I had more favorites than I thought 😀 )

Here are a few others I enjoy:




You will notice that a lot of the themes cross. Let me know which ones you like most. Comment and follow!

One thought on “Spoken Word

  1. I’ m sick and tired of is a well know expression. Almost every person had used it when confronted with unpleasant life experiences on the course of his life.. Some people’s misfortune are other people’s fortune. So while someone is shouting, screaming to the top of his long , ” I am sick and tired” , another one is whispering ” I don’t care.” Please don’t take me wrong I do believe venting our frustrations is healthy as long as you get a positive outcome. Otherwise don’t make your blood pressure rise , and don’ make a fool out of yourself. You have to,draw a line. You know when resentment is at a boiling point, you know when the only,life you can save is yours. So as long as you allow others to annoy you , use and abuse you. In other ways take you for a puppet you will be raged you will be sick and tired. We all need to move on and be able to say ” i am healthy and relaxed”. I got that monkey out of my back.

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