Simplicity Hair Oil Blend

I have been convincing myself that I have nothing to blog about for the past few weeks, but I actually have accumulated quite a few things that I would like to share. I think I just wasn’t inspired enough by anything in particular to actually post.

I typically post new purchases on my Instagram (@ladyylaura) just to share what I am using. I know a lot of people ask me what I do for my hair since I have so much of it. One of the main misconceptions people have is that a lot of hair equals healthy hair. Well, in my case this is not true. I have a lot of hair, but I have a lot of damaged, untamed, and to put it bluntly, nappy hair.

I use dye, rubber bands, too much heat, too much gel, bleh, blah, bleh. A lot of hair equals little patience, so my hair has definitely undergone some mistreatment over the past years. Currently, my hair is the longest it has ever been. I would like to grow it down to my waist. It is going to be very challenging, but it is possible if I take good care of it.

I decided to dye my hair back to my natural hair color to start my “healthy hair journey” (I feel so cliché). Well, a lot of it fell out in the dying process, and now I have patches of hair that are no more than 2 inches long. *Gasps*….It’s fine! I have enough hair to hide behind. I am also working on being more careful when styling and brushing. I have watched countless YouTube videos on hair care. The guru hair Gods have run down the 10 healthy hair commandments to me over and over again.

More water, less heat, more oil, less sulfate…I GET IT!

I recently purchased a product that I found on Brooke Bailey’s Instagram. Brooke Bailey is one of the cast mates from season two Basketball Wives LA. She has very long, silky, straight hair. I thought, why not? Especially since I have patches of hair missing that I would like to get back.

 The product is called Simplicity Hair Oil Blend. It is supposed to help with breakage, it softens hair, combats dryness, and helps your hair grow long and healthy.


 The bottle I purchased was .68 fl oz/20 ml. The cost was $28.50. It can also be purchased in 1.7 fl oz/ 5o ml for $45.00. The package came with a tightly wrapped glass bottle, a pamphlet on how to apply, a flyer about the product, and a personal note from the business owner (side note: I love when business owners do that). I also purchased a dropper because I didn’t know that it already came with one, but I didn’t need it.

My first observations were, since the bottle is dark brown you can’t really tell how much you have in there. I also immediately noticed the bottle was small. I knew it would take me all of 2 weeks to go through the entire bottle. Err!

I straightened my hair and applied the drops as noted in the “how to” pamphlet. I noticed that a little bit of this stuff goes a long way. It is very light weight and has a eucalyptus or minty smell to it. I really liked how it felt on my scalp. I used it, enjoyed it, but I wasn’t crazy about it.

The real craze of the product came when I went to the gym one afternoon and ruined what I thought was the silkiest wrap I ever had. I was disappointed because I had some where to go and my edges were a mess. In my attempts to repair them I put some droplets in my hand, rubbed them together, and rubbed my hair all around my edges with the oil. I then took the flat-iron (on low heat) and straightened them back out. Normally when I do this it turns out fine, but not as fresh looking as when I first get my hair done. When I used the oil I was delighted to see that my hair was silky and smooth. I was very pleased.

I have enjoyed using the product. I purchased it a little over a month ago, and I haven’t run out yet. I plan on ordering more when I do because I would like to see if it makes a difference in breakage and helps my hair grow longer. Only time will tell. Here are pictures of my hair straightened. I will use this picture as the starting point photo for my hair growth journey.


Let me know if you want more information on this product. Here is their website to order:

Let me know if you recommend any other products as well.

What do you think?

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