Abort the Twitter


So a few days ago I decided to let go of my long term relationship with my Twitter. I had it since 2008, but I didn’t really start using it until about 2010. My reasons for letting go is to focus more on my blog. I have so many thoughts and ideas that flow through this head of mine throughout the day, and I used to waste them on tweets instead of sharing them here. After all, this is the reason I decided to start this thing. I also feel like the power of one’s words aren’t really taken into account on Twitter. People can say some really hurtful, malicious, vengeful things. I can’t lie I have chuckled at a few of them, and I have agreed with many of them, but as I get older I think it is time for me to shift gears. We should be uplifting each other and using this platform to educate and inform each other rather than attack and insult. The reality of it is most of the things that people tweet are not funny. I got to a point where I couldn’t log onto to Twitter if it was a holiday, a special event, or a political issue on the rise. My followers would suck the life out of the topic so badly that I would question our human existence.

Needless to say, the thing is gone. If you want to follow me,you can follow me here.

As with everything I do and say it is always with love. <3



oh yea…I still have my Instagram though, @ladyylaura

One thought on “Abort the Twitter

  1. Hooray ! Twitter as well as FB are two great sources of info but misusing them could be detrimental to your intellectual development. Stay with your blogs and strive for the best . No matter who you are there is a right way and a wrong way to express yourself.

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