The Motion

There is something that is beautiful about intimacy.
That moment when a person feels so wrong,
everything in  time feels incredibly perfect.
One can think to themselves
I hope this lasts forever,
and that overwhelming power of temptation becomes too much to bear.
You give in to the thoughts you don’t need.
Creating a whirlwind of lust,
mixed with desire,
diced into trouble,
that could have never existed if you told yourself no.
And even so… There is this compelling aura that keeps calling you back.

When he left that night,
She left a piece of her soul.
With him.
Do you remember when she told you that?
A piece that she would never get back unless they revisited each other,
and intertwine it with the piece that she took from him.
I don’t know if he minds her having that piece of him.
I don’t even know if it matters,
but in that moment he got a mere glimpse of what it is like to love her.
That glimpse she gave through her soul.
Though she is not sure if she can give him her heart.
Well, then he would have all of her
…and I can’t give you my everything.

What do you think?

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