Before writing, my first passion was music. From the age of 7 – 14 years old I was in a small girl group similar to 3LW. Our stage name was “Phase”. We were a dedicated group of girls that often practiced and wrote tirelessly. We eventually booked several venues in and out of state and produced a CD. Since we were still very young our parents wanted us to focus our attention on school, so there was only so much we could do. Many people believed in us, but no one believed in us enough to keep pushing us through. We had several managers and we did achieve a lot at a very young age. Eventually, when we went to high school our group slowly faded. Our priorities shifted and we didn’t have any one that truly wanted to drive us in the right direction. That was an unforgettable experience. At that age, no one could tell me that I was not going to be famous. That was my dream. Obviously, not so much anymore.

I listen to main stream music just as anyone else does, but I am more drawn to music that has substance. The female R & B artists that I listen to include Corrine Bailey Rae, India Arie, Fantasia, Kelly Rowland, and of course Beyonce. So anytime I stumble upon something I feel like evokes emotion I’m all over it. Everyone has heard “I Like It” by Sevyn Streeter. It is a main stream song that has been played on the radio countless times, and although I like that song I am more drawn by her second single titled, “It Won’t Stop”. It’s a very slow, bass bumping, sexy tune. In the song she talks about a love interest that she can’t escape. The sound pulls the listener into a feeling of ecstasy. That is what music is about-to evoke emotion and make the listener feel something.

Just some background info on Sevyn Streeter- she used to be in a girl group called “Rich Girls” (which I LOVED). She is a song writer who is now signed to Chris Brown. She has co-written songs for several artists including “Strip” by Chris Brown and “New Day” by Alicia Keys. Personally, she reminds me of Aaliyah. Don’t set me on fire, stans.

I love when you pulling up in your jeep
Bumpin all your beats
Js on –With your shades on
Just to bring me something to eat
You the man up in these streets
But when it comes to my heart
That don’t mean a thing no oh

This is the acoustic version of “It Won’t Stop”.

This is the Rich Girls song that I loved:

I just love girl groups 🙂


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