6 Simple Rules to Having Clear Skin

1. Cleanser

-Choose a cleanser that works for you. This can be trial and error. I have used Noxzema, Proactiv, and a ton of others before I discovered Juice Beauty. Juice Beauty works wonders for me, but this isn’t to say that you will have the same results. If you go on YouTube you can see lots of reviews on different skin cleansers. Pick one. Try it out for a month. You should see results after two weeks of using a cleanser. If you don’t see any good results after two weeks, you should move on. If you want to try Juice Beauty, you can go to JuiceBeauty.com. I use the Blemish Clearing Cleanser

2. Don’t touch it

-Stop it! Do not touch your face. At all. Ever. No, I’m kidding. You can touch it, but only if you have thoroughly washed your hands. Don’t pick, don’t scratch, and don’t rub. This is even when you have a blemish. Leave it alone. DO NOT TOUCH.

Since our hands carry thousands of germs on them you do not want any additional bacteria on your face. Your hands are the easiest way to spread it.

3. No Sun

– No one wants to look dead, but get a bronzer. Whatever you do, avoid the sun as much as you can. The sun fries your skin making your pores look disgusting. You should always avoid the sun, and never leave your house with out sunscreen. You can get moisturizers that already have SPF in them. The one that I use is from Juice Beauty (SPF 30 Oil- Free Moisturizer).

4. Cold Water

-Pharrell Williams was once asked in an interview how he keeps his skin looking so young (By the way he just turned 40 this year). He revealed that he often asks model Naomi Campbell for advice, and she told him to always use cold water when washing his face.

For those of you who don’t know, cold water makes your pores look smaller. This creates a smoother look. What I typically do is let the steam from my shower open up my pores, and then I wash my face when I get out of the shower with cold water. By doing this I allow the cleanser to go into my pores while they are open. Then, I seal them with the cold water. I don’t know if this makes a difference, but it’s something that I made up.

5. Be nice

-Don’t be rough on your skin. Always air dry, or if you are like me and always in a hurry you can pat dry. When washing your face do not scrub very hard or use harsh chemicals such as alcohol based products. Just like any other part of your skin your face can become sore and sensitive if it is rubbed and scrubbed every day. Please be gentle. No one wants a red face.

6. Thirsty?

-Yes, your face gets thirsty. The key to having clear skin is a good moisturizer. As stated above I have a moisturizer from Juice Beauty, but there are so many good ones out there. Especially in the winter it is super important to have a moisturizer to avoid cracking and dry skin. Like many other people I get concerned about moisturizer because I sweat. A combination of sweat and moisturizer can be disastrous. The one that I got from Juice Beauty is oil-free and goes on my skin very well. It also is a bronzer and has SPF 30. It is perfect for the summer, but I will need to purchase something different for the winter. I will keep you all posted on that. Pat your moisturizer on. Try to avoid rubbing whenever possible.


These are the simple things I do for my skin. I hope it helps!

Am I missing anything?

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