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I went to the doctor’s office yesterday for a check up. During her usual routine she paused and asked me, “What are you doing for exercise?” I told her I try to go to the gym at least 4 times per week. She casually mentioned that I loss 20 lbs since my last visit. In my head I immediately thought, “wtf?!” Those numbers can’t be right. My last visit was a little over a year ago. Over 20lbs in one year?! Then I remembered at my heaviest I was a solid 167lbs. Eeck! I currently weigh 143lbs, so her estimate was right. Wow… I never thought I’d be able to say I loss over 20lbs. My weight was never something I was concerned about. I had a love me or hate me attitude. Love me skinny or fat. I’m me! I am so glad I broke out of that because it is not about being skinny. It’s about being comfortable and healthy. I’ll let you all know how I started, how I stay motivated, and my new goals.

How it all started: Last year my boyfriend casually suggested we should take advantage of our neighborhood gym. After all, we weren’t doing much after work anyway. I started going every day. My intentions in the beginning weren’t really to lose a ton of weight. I was doing it in my spare time and for the sake of my health. I gradually started pushing harder to lose weight once I started shedding a few pounds. I got serious after talking to one of my friends about my diet. She advised me to download MyFitnessPal (see my essential apps blog). After putting in all of my information such as age, weight, goal weight, sex, etc. they gave me a set number of calories I could eat per day. They gave me 1,200 calories. It was very easy to stay under my calories the first few weeks. It was easier because I was excited about the app, and I was motivated. It became harder to focus as I got deeper into my journey. Going to the gym was always easy for me. Dieting was super hard. In my culture, we eat. We eat a lot of food. All at once. It is natural for me to eat unhealthy, so I had to change my mentality about eating. It became very important for me to eat a protein, vegetable, and whole grain every meal. I try to eat lean every day, but like everyone else I struggle with it. I cheat often. I like to drink on the weekends, but I try to make healthier choices  more often than unhealthy. Here is a list of easy things you can easily avoid to get you started.
My don’ts:

No cheese
No mayonaise
No juice
No soda
Salty foods
Eating really late (last meal in before 8PM)
No alcohol

How I stay motivated: I weigh myself every morning. I typically fluctuate under and over 2lbs. Once I see that I have “fluctuated” over 3lbs I know I have work to do. I also follow lots of motivational people on Instagram to stay reminded. When I am bored at work, and I have already seen every single episode of Scandal 2 or more times I go to YouTube and search for transformation stories, or weight loss tips. The number one thing that keeps me motivated is looking at old photos of myself. I never want to be that weight unhealthy again. I can really feel the difference in my body. I feel healthier. I feel good in my skin. I like the way I look in pictures.
One of the most important things is consistency. Keep at it. Don’t stop trying. Every day is a new day. Take it one day at a time. Trust me, this was very difficult for me to take on. I loss 20lbs over the span of a year, not 2 or 3 months. I kept at it and I trust the process.

New Goals: I walked into my office building the other day and this lady looked at me and said, “you don’t need to lose another pound.” It felt good to hear someone mention your progress. It means that my hard work is paying off. I don’t always see it in the mirror. I honestly still feel like the inner fat ass that I am. The truth is I won’t feel like I’m at my goal until I can lift up my shirt and display a six pack. My goals are different these days. I have been maintaining the same weight for about 3 months now. I have to turn it up a notch. I would love to lose 10 more pounds and get a butt. (hehehee) I have been switching up my workout and going harder with my diet to make these changes. Hopefully, I will be able to handle it. I’m human though so we will see how I progress.

Here are photos of me today (don’t ask about my hair…I know).  I will take another picture in 3 months to note my progress. If you know me personally, please send me motivational texts every now and then…we all need it. 🙂

photo 2-1


<3 laura

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  1. My dear Laura, I am delighted to observe you walking away from the ” I am fat, you have any problem with that attitude. It is fine to walk, jump, skip, leap, run, jog through life singing ” I got to be .” Yes, each human being is God’s special creation you know that. He holds us on the palm of his hands you know that. And because his predestination one finds oneself ” trapped” into unpleasant situations one too many. But luckily you are moving away from feeling uncomfortable on your own skin and doing everything within your power to become a healthy ” I am me.” Keep up the good work.

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