For me and for you

The response I got from my previous post was very overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog. It is truly an insight on things that have happened and things that are happening around me. I cannot express the amount of gratitude to those of you who follow me. One of my friends told me, “You said exactly how I am feeling”. My response is, we all go through the same trials in this crazy world. We just go through them at different times. We all have fears and anxieties. We cry about the same things and we appreciate others. I struggle with recognizing the value in my writing. Since I am an English major at an honors university I always feel like my writing is “ehhhh” compared to the others. One thing that has helped me have confidence in my art is the response from people who specifically reach out to me and tell me, “Wow, that was powerful.” Thank you.

If you looked into the notes on my phone you could see an insight into my mind. Once I think I am done building on something that has been stirring inside of me-I will post it. My mind is constantly in motion. It is a gift and a curse. I have been awaken by my thoughts at 3:00AM. The deepest part of my soul is concerned with the idea of loving life, knowing it will all be ok, and I am like you in more ways than we all want to admit. There are very few people I confide in to share my deepest sentiments, but most of the time I’ll log it into my phone’s notes. It may stay there for a while or if I have something else to say I will add to it through out the next couple of weeks. Other times, I instantly feel compelled to write something, and I’ll blog it immediately (such as this). I didn’t realize the power that “i know” (my last blog) had until I read it in someone else’s shoes. It is very difficult for me to separate myself from my work. I read it over a million times, and I get it. It’s therapeutic to know I’m not the only one. It’s calming to know that others can grab what they want from it, hold it close to their heart, and find comfort in it. I can’t guarantee that I can out write “i know”, but this is what I do this for-for me and for you.


What do you think?

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