Like a Flower


I found this post on Instagram, and I loved it so much I had to post it on my blog. This post speaks to how I feel about relationships in general. I think people become so entitled to your life once they decide to become your friend or start a relationship with you. Being in a relationship (or friendship) shouldn’t feel like belonging to someone. I feel like we cross too many boundaries in our relationships especially regarding privacy and free will. A relationship isn’t meant to stress you out, but to allow you to enjoy someone else’s presence. It is there for you to appreciate and love for what it is. One thing I vowed to do in recent years is to let my friends be themselves and let my significant other figure things out on their own. No pressure. Of course, I am here to give advice when needed, and of course this isn’t a free for all, but I do believe that we are all human. We all need time for ourselves. We all need to feel appreciated, not possessed. I think this feeling of anxiety that comes from friendships and significant others (if they do not understand this concept) can destroy a relationship faster than anything else.

but any way though…


<3 cheers to the freakin weekend*


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