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I am such a huge fan of music. I listen to multiple genres, but of course I have my favorites such as R&B and Hip Hop. I also find myself listening to country, pop, and sometimes rock. Not to mention there are different categories under each of these for example: trap music, conscious rap,  and hip hop has also dipped into pop with artist like Nelly, Pit Bull, and Nicki Minaj. The different genres have intermingled more than ever it seems. I have been passionate about music since the age of 7 (see previous blog for background story), so I seek it. My friends often send me links to unsigned artists and new music from the music veterans as well. I usually stumble upon the best unsigned artists on YouTube. I decided to start a YouTube section on my blog to basically get people interested in other people’s crafts and obviously because I personally enjoy watching them. I love supporting rising acts. I don’t think I will solely do singers. I have seen amazing make-up artists, fitness gurus, and even chefs on YouTube. If I see someone that has held my attention I will blog about it.

If I am not mistaken one of my best friend’s sent me a link to Tori Kelly’s videos. She has a lot of original music, but she also covers a lot of songs. Here are four of my favorite videos of her:

This song was written and produced by her. It  is personally one of my favorite songs. I believe she recently changed the rhythm to it to make it more upbeat, but I actually prefer this version. She is not in this video but you can catch live footage of her singing it all over YouTube.

This song is a cover of John Mayer’s “Stop This Train”. Tori Kelly and Jeremy Passion cover it as a duet. It is seriously one of my favorite duets on YouTube. I loved the way they made the song their own and you can see the chemistry in their performance. They have multiple duets together all over YouTube as well. I think their voices mesh really well. Here is another:

Lastly is her cover of Michael Jackson’s “PYT”. I think Tori is extremely talented and her voice is absolutely amazing. Her runs are flawless and she has perfected her craft. When I first heard this cover I was completely blown away by her vocals. She covered a song by the world’s greatest entertainer and made it her own. Her run at 2:25 is to die for. Listen…

I plan on seeing her live on Thursday November 14th at The Fillmore in Silver Spring. If you are in the area you can purchase tickets to see her as well. I will list the link below. If you have any artists or YouTube people you’d like me to check out let me know.

With Love, LCA

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