Language of the Heart

One of my good friends has been going through a change in her life. It isn’t a bad change, but it is an adjustment to where she thought her life was headed versus where it actually is headed. This morning I sent her a text that read, “Don’t let the things around you affect you inside. Things and people change. This is only the beginning so brace yourself. Keep calm and rest well.” Her response was, “That’s beautiful-Where did you get it from?” My response was, “From my brain LOL

In one of my classes last week our guest speaker spoke about the language of the heart. It’s when someone speaks or writes something that touches you so profoundly it reaches your heart. It is when you are strongly moved by someone’s ability to speak directly from their soul. You understand them on a deeper level. This is the beauty of language and the gift that God has given us is to communicate with each other.

This is why I have this blog. This is why I love to write. The ability to reach people through my words. To give advice to my friends. To heal my wounds. To heal others. To share where I have been.  To share where I don’t want to go. To share where I wish I could go. To share who I am. To share who I’m not. At the end of the day I hope I’m not just talking. I hope this is the language of the heart.

<3 LCA

Be blessed my friend. Be consumed. Don’t be afraid to let go of everything you thought was your life. The greatest liberation…

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