Street Art

Lately I’ve become obsessed with looking at street art. I don’t know what it is about the art form that pulls me in, but I find something extremely beautiful in hidden talent. It always makes me wonder why we can’t all achieve success. I often wonder about the levels of life and how talentless people achieve fame while others who have respect and passion for their craft fall by the way side. I’m then reminded that every artist has a story, every life has a story.  Most of these artists go unknown. Their work and impressions may be painted every where in the city and yet they remain faceless. On top of all of this since tagging is illegal most of the work eventually gets painted over anyway.

These days I have been thinking a lot about the idea of time and how valuable it is. Knowing that these timeless pieces eventually get painted over is ironic. They are time sensitive and most great street work is only captured through a picture that someone has taken. They eventually disappear from their original “canvas”.  Some of them remain untouched for lifetimes for whatever reason and some are intentional. I prefer the unintentional art. The art that can only be seen briefly and then removed. It’s like only being able to catch a small taste of something so you end up craving it more and more. This is what allows me to appreciate it more. The artist and their alluring works.


What do you think?

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