Tori Kelly – Fillmore Theater

As promised I went to the Tori Kelly show yesterday at the Fillmore Theater in Silver Spring, MD. There were roughly 200 people at the venue. There was no seating for this event. It was standing only. I believe they have “VIP” seating at the top of the theatre, but most of them decided to stand anyway, so I don’t think those tickets were worth paying extra for. She played songs from her newly released EP, “Foreword” and a few of her famous covers from YouTube.

I was super excited to see her live because I think she has an amazing voice. You can get a sense of her personality from her YouTube videos, but it was interesting to see her crowd interaction and stage presence. She demonstrated so much respect for her fans and for her music. It was very hard not to fall in love with her bubbly personality. I can’t wait to see where her journey takes her.

I was able to record a few videos of her. Sorry if my videos are of poor quality. I have an iPhone 4 (that needs to be upgraded) and my arm was about to fall off. Any who…enjoy!

This song is the 1st song on her EP titled, “Rocket”. She starts singing at :50.
It was so cute because this guy screams, “I’ll go with you!” And everyone starts laughing because Tori starts smiling.

This was a new song that she hasn’t released any where. She starts playing :35. She told us what the name of the song was at the end, but I can’t remember.

I almost died when she did this song. It was so beautiful. My God! Lauryn Hill – Ex-Factor

She also covered ‘Suit and Tie’, ‘PYT’, and obviously ‘Thinkin bout you’. She also played ‘Dear No one’ but my phone died so I couldn’t record it. If you’d like to listen to most of her EP, “Foreword” I will put the link down below. She is amazing. If you ever get a chance to go to one of her shows, please do. Her career is only getting bigger and I paid $15.00 to see her. Who knows she may be $200.00 in a couple of years. Tori, you have gained a fan.

(My favorite song is Paper Hearts)

Let me know if you know of any YouTube artists/gurus you’d like me to check out!


<3 LCA

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