November GlossyBox

This month’s GlossyBox feature will also include my YouTube person of the month. I know I did Tori Kelly not too long ago, and I promised one YouTube talent per month, but my next guru is just too irresistible and relevant to my GlossyBox post.

First I’ll discuss what I got in my GlossyBox this month and then I’ll let you guys know how one of my favorite YouTube people, ‘ItsMyRayeRaye’ relates to this box.



The theme for this month’s GlossyBox is Holiday Romance. My box includes the following items:

  • EMITE MAKEUP – Micronized Eye Shadow in Dams
    This eye shadow is used to create a smokey eye. It has very little shimmer and looks more like a matte. I don’t wear makeup, so I can’t really decipher if it is good because I haven’t used it.matte
  • JELLY PONG PONG – 2 in 1 Eyeliner & Shadow
    This pencil can be used as an eyeliner and/or a shadow. It went on smoothly as I drew a line on my hand to see how it came on. I think I pushed too hard when I did that because I kind of smooshed the crayon. Just to give you an idea of how easy it glides on. I think I will try to use this eyeliner as I am trying to transition into wearing makeup. 
  • MASTEY – Color Protection Color Protecting Leave-In Oil Treatment
    This is a leave-in oil treatment that has morrocan, olive, and grape seed oil extract. It is used for damaged or color treated hair. It also includes vitamins E and B5. I’m super excited to use this leave-in treatment. As most of you know I have a lot of hair and it can become very dry and course. I will definitely update you guys on this one after I use it. Since I only got a small bottle I will probably go through it after 2 or 3 uses so you should get an update soon. The box also came with a coupon for this site. So if I like it I will get another one with my bonus coupon. : )
  • NICKA K – New York Professional Eyeshadow Brush
    As I transition into wearing some light makeup I think it is important for me to start collecting brushes. This will be the second makeup brush I own. Don’t laugh at me. Trust me, I am a makeup amateur. This is a light weight brush made from quality pony hair. It is designed for effortless and precise application.
  • THE ALOE SOURCE – Jojoba Radiance Cleansing Polish
    This is a sulfate free cleansing polish that can be used to remove makeup and oil. It also contains microbeads that exfoliates your face, and aloe vera that soothes skin. It claims to give you a radiant glow. Y’all know I live for a good face wash! I will be using this instead of my usual Juice Beauty Blemishing Cleanser to see if I like it better. I’ll give you all an update on that if it is worth sharing.

This is all I got in my box this month. I will only be able to use two of the five items received this month for now. I will update you guys on both of these items if I really like them. Hopefully, I will be able to use the other items in the future which leads me to my next topic for this blog.
I was talking on the phone with one of my good friends about YouTube gurus. We sat on FaceTime nearly all day just talking about boys, the coming holidays, and YouTube videos. She told me to check out one YouTube makeup guru named, “ItsMyRayeRaye”. After viewing several videos from her channel I completely fell in love with her. She has such a bubbly personality, and I personally think she is absolutely gorgeous.  She kind of influenced me to start doing my own makeup. Although I am not crazy about her more bold looks. I love her natural and every day makeup. Please see videos below.

She disabled this video from being embedded for some reason, but click the link for viewing. I love her everyday look. Since I do not wear makeup now I doubt I will dive into all of the makeup that she uses. I will probably use minimal foundation and minimal eye liner/mascara. I don’t want to look crazy. I need a smooth transition. I absolutely love the Cover Girl Berry Preserve lip stain. I am excited to start using some of these products. We shall see what comes of this. Hopefully, I won’t have to join a circus.

This is one of her more bold looks. I think it is absolutely beautiful on her. She has a very pretty skin tone and her color choices blend really well with her skin. I think what makes it very bold is the lipstick she uses at the end, but as she says you can substitute the lipstick to tone it down a little bit. Love it!

She also does tons of other videos like fashion hauls, tags, hair tutorials, etc. I fell in love with her style and personality. I will be sure to follow her story. Remember everyone has a story whether it’s clearly stated or behind makeup and hair. I hope you guys follow her too and enjoy her videos.

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