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People ask me every year, “What do you want for Christmas?” My answer is always the same, “Nothing, I’m fine.” I have a need to be needed that strongly hinders my ability to ask for things from people, but I do have wants and desires. I just feel guilty when people do things for me or buy things for me, so to avoid the guilty feeling I’ll share through my blog.

What’s on your Christmas list this year?
(please share in the comments)
Here is mine:

I will take a gift card from them any day 🙂

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 I’ve been in need of a good book bag for a while now so these are some that I have my eyes on. These cute book bags can be found on:


Most of you know I am a bookworm. I originally heard about this book through Nipsey Hussle’s interview on the Breakfast Club. I became interested in reading it through several other mentions of the book as well. I figured it will be a great read. Otherwise a gift card to Barnes and Noble is wonderful.

Screen_Shot_2013-03-26_at_11_33_55_PM Screen_Shot_2013-03-27_at_12_17_10_AM

I’ve always wanted to get these from NecoleBitchie’s reading club.
These cute shirts can be found on:


Since I am going to attempt to wear a little bit of makeup I figured I’d start by getting some brushes. These brushes can be found on:

Since I have been working out like crazy. I could always use some extra clothes for working out. I discovered Rosa Acosta’s line of workout apparel through Instagram (Body by Rosa Acosta). These are a few of my favorite ones:

1pc-front_large bodybyra-pink-1_large bodybyra-red-1_large purple-shorts_large

They can be found at:

I really love Simplicity Hair Oil Blend. They recently released their Shampoo and Conditioner. I believe they have package deal for the Shampoo, Oil, and Conditioner. I’d be so happy to receive this.


If you catch it today you can get the cyber sale on:


Since I am a Phi Mu, anything quatrefoil is good with me. I saw this super cute accent rug in Target the other day. Target is also like quatrefoil heaven. I really loved this rug as I’ve been looking for a cute rug for my room for a long time now.

You can find this at:

I think that’s it this year. If I don’t receive any of these for Christmas I will probably just get them myself and let you all know if I love them “or nah”. Especially the items that I have not blogged about yet.

Merry Merry,


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