Black Friday Sale

Seems like it’s rainy and cold every Black Friday! I opted out of going out in the wee hours of the morning this year. I decided to stay back and go out after I was well rested. You need energy to deal with the crowd. My mother and I left the house around 12PM so we could still catch the door busters. We went to Macy’s, Limited, and Express.



I got this cute Calvin Klein vest that was originally priced at $79.00. The Black Friday sales price was $39.99. We got $5 off by using a coupon, and since my mom has a Macy’s credit card we automatically got an additional 15% off. I paid a total of $29.74 for this cute winter vest. It doesn’t have a hood but it has an extended collar that keeps your neck warm. I bought it in a size small since I am trying to lose weight this will motivate me to maintain.


The next item I purchased from Macy’s was this cute cardigan. It was also available in white and black, but I chose this color because I have a lot of white and black clothing items. This cardigan was originally priced at $79.50, but the Black Friday price was set at $49.99. Since my mom had an additional 15% off by using her Macy’s credit card my total for this sweater came to $42.49. It is very cozy. Steal!


Since I have been working out I had my eye on some new workout gear. These two sports bras were originally priced at $19.99. The Black Friday price was $11.99. Since my mom has the additional %15 off I think we got them for about $9.00. I don’t know where the receipt is for this transaction, so I do not know the exact amount. I’ve already worn both of these bras. They are very comfortable, but I do prefer padding inside of my bras. These don’t have padding so I feel less secure.


Since the weather is getting a little colder I wanted to buy a light jacket to workout. This jacket has thumb holes that prevent the sleeves from riding up as you run, they keep your wrist and hands warm, and they are kind of used as built in gloves. This jacket was originally priced at $44.00. My mom had a $10.00 off coupon that brought it down to $34.00. Her %15 off credit card use allowed us to purchase the jacket for roughly $28.00. I didn’t save the receipt for this one either, so I don’t know the exact amount. I have used this jacket as well. I like it because it keeps me warm, but it does make me sweat a lot. If you like to sweat this jacket is the perfect buy.




This bag is probably my favorite Black Friday buy. A new bag was on my Christmas list, but my mom went ahead and bought me this cute brown leather bag while we were out. It has several big pockets where I can put my small mirror, face powder, lipstick, etc. It also goes deep enough to put my planner and wallet inside which is important to me. The purse was originally priced at $79.50. Limited had a %40 off everything in the store sale. I bought this bag for roughly $47.00. Love it!

I was looking for a New Year’s Eve dress, but Limited didn’t have many options. I decided maybe I’ll go with a cute top and a skirt. I saw this shirt displayed on a manikin and fell in love with it. This shirt was priced at $54.95, but with %40 off I bought the shirt for roughly $33.00. Don’t mind if I do!


Express also had a %40 off sale. I was looking for a New Years Eve dress. I found one but they didn’t have my size. I tried to order it through online, but they were completely out of it at the warehouse as well. Bummer!

Here is the dress. If you’d like to see it:

My mom is the greatest! She is like my shopping advisor. I always say she should have been a stylist. She also got a few items for herself. I would post them, but she has all the receipts and stuff. We saved a total of $266.35 at Macy’s alone, so it was a happy Black Friday!

Did you go out for Black Friday? What did you get? Worth it?


What do you think?

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