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As promised in my last blog, here are the new face products I have been using. They arrived on Monday January 6th, 2014. I ordered them on December 30th, 2013, so it took roughly a week to get here. I don’t know why but I felt like it was taking forever. Maybe I was just excited. Inside the package they neatly wrapped the items in green tissue paper and sealed them with their labels (as pictured).


I ordered the Clarifying Kit, it included a Clarifying Cleanser, Clarifying Toner, O2 Infusion Moisturizer, and Clarifying Spot Treatment. The retail price for this kit is $94.00 not including taxes or shipping. Very expensive! I originally wanted to try this product because one of my friends who ordered my GLOSSYBOX trial as a gift said she really enjoyed the trial size (ALOE SOURCE – Jojoba Radiance Cleansing Polish). I received one in my November’s GLOSSYBOX. I really like the polish but nothing amazing stood out, but I decided to switch from my usual Juice Beauty and try something different. Since I saw that it was $94.00 for this kit I decided to see if they had any online coupons. I discovered they had a coupon through the month of December for GLOSSYBOX purchasers. It ended January 1st, so I was just in time. I got free shipping + $28.20 off. Don’t mind if I do!

Just to compare with Juice Beauty, if you purchase similar products such as the Blemishing Clearing Cleanser ($22), Hydrating Mist ($22), Blemish Clearing Serum ($29), and SPF 30 Oil-free Moisturizer ($29) it will cost you $102 with out shipping or tax. Both products give you the same amount of cleanser with minor variations. For example the O2 Infusion Moisturizer has 1.7 fl oz (The Aloe Source) while the SPF 30 Oil-free Moisturizer has 2.0 fl oz (Juice Beauty). You could also get a kit from Juice Beauty but the products aren’t the same and the ounces are much smaller. This kit is priced at $39.00.


So they are pretty much the same in value. Juice Beauty also has coupons for online purchases sometimes. You just have to catch it and do a little research. The only thing that Juice Beauty has over The Aloe Source is they have sunscreen in their moisturizer. You all know I can’t do with out sunscreen. I also prefer a thicker spot clearing agent. Juice Beauty’s Blemish Clearing Serum has a thicker consistency.

What I really liked about The Aloe Source is the soapy cleanser. Juice Beauty’s Blemishing Clearing Cleanser lacks bubbles. The Aloe Source has a soapy, tingling feel that makes you feel like your pores are being opened and cleaned. I like the Clarifying Toner because it feels refreshing on my face. I also love the moisturizer despite the lack of sunscreen. It isn’t too greasy and dries quickly on my skin.

Another special thing that I think is important for businesses is the personal touch. I received a special gift with my purchase. I am debating on giving it away to one of my followers or keeping it for myself to try. It is a little travel kit with different products from their skin care line.


The owner also wrote me a personal note and ASKED FOR FEEDBACK! I love that because it shows that she cares about her consumers. I mean especially if we are spending potentially $100.00 solely on facial products. I thought that was the cutest and courteous thing to do. Delivering a great product with a personal touch, you’ll most likely get a second purchase from me.


It’s not a bad idea to try something new. I’ll let you know if it works. I don’t get a whole bunch of blemishes to begin with, but sometimes if I don’t wash my hair for a long time or I have a stressful week I can see the effects. I have a blemish on my chin that will not go away. You can probably see it in the pictures I post. I also break out on my forehead at times. Typical “T-zone” break outs. We will see what this product does for me. So far, so good.




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