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Hey guys! I hope you all are doing well. I have a few things to update you on in the next few days. Be patient with me. I have been kind of busy working and traveling. I traveled to Dallas last weekend (January 16th – 19th) to visit my goddaughter. The last time I saw her was in 2011 when she was born. See:


Anyway here she is now:


I arrived in Dallas on January 16th. The flight to Dallas was rough since I was flying on a guest pass, so I had to fly standby. Getting out of Baltimore was the hardest part because all of the flights were pretty full. I ended up making it in Dallas around midnight. Candice ( my goddaughter) was still awake when I arrived. She greeted me with a hug and a kiss. Oddly, it was almost like she remembered me from when she was just 2 weeks old.

On Friday morning we hung out in the house and left out for lunch/dinner around 4PM. We decided on something simple, Chilis. I planned on getting my nails done before I left to Dallas, but that didn’t happen. So we made plans to tackle that after we ate. We went to a nail salon called Fancy Nails. The lady that did my nails did a very good job. She charged me $18.00. It was kind of weird because the sign said $13.00 for a fill in, but I guess she charged me $5.00 more for changing the shape.


As promised, I changed my nail color this year. This color is called “Don’t pretzel my buttons” by OPI. They are a little longer than what I care for, but I still think they are super cute.

Before I left to Dallas I checked Groupon and Living Social to see if they were having anything interesting going on while I was there. I found tickets for a Chinese Latern Festival. So Irene bought tickets for us to go. Candice ended up falling asleep in the car on our way there so she was kind of out of it when we first arrived. It was also super cold out, but we managed to walk through and look at some interesting things.


If you look closely at this photo you can see this castle is made out of fine china. These thousands of dishes were hand tied together to create this beautifully crafted castle. There was a fence around the structure, so it was kind of hard to get a full photo. It was magnificent, nonetheless.


She seemed to enjoy all of the art and characters that were carefully laid out. She is a very simple girl, so it really doesn’t take much to keep her happy. She also has lots of energy and typically goes with the flow.

We ended the night with dinner and drinks with Irene’s sister and boyfriend. I was kind of tired so when we arrived back at her apartment I went right to sleep.

On Saturday Evelyn (Irene’s sister) had a birthday lunch at a Mexican restaurant called La Calle Doce.


I ordered the Paella, but I really didn’t like it because it was too “fishy”.


Irene ordered this thing here. I don’t know what it is called. Haha! Her food was really good.


They had really good service. They had the Mariachi band play a song for Evelyn’s birthday. Irene also made a toast to Evelyn. It was cute and funny. The gave free shots to all of the guests that ordered drinks. You know I love free stuff!

That night we went to a night club called, Plush. The club had two floors but the bottom floor was closed due to a private party. The club was ok, but it was kind cold in there and they weren’t really playing the kind of music I enjoy. I was ready to leave after an hour of being there. 🙁


I decided to put my hair in a bun since I normally wear it down when I go out. Irene didn’t like it. Haha! I thought it was cute. I wore light make up, with a tight fit black dress, and I borrowed some wedge heels from Evelyn.

On Sunday, we took Candice to Studio Movie Grill. Studio Movie Grill is a place where you can order food and drinks while you watch your movie. Since we went with Candice we decided to watch, “The Nut Job”. It was a cute movie. Since I was leaving on Sunday, after the movie I went to the apartment to pack my things and head to the airport. I was grateful to find the flights had plenty of open seats. I arrived back in Baltimore around 1:00AM. Exhausted.

Irene and I are making plans to see each other at least once per year. Seeing Candice put things into perspective for me. She is so innocent and precious and values the most simple things. She enjoys bubbles. She appreciates warm milk. She splashes water in the bathtub, and puts her sun glasses on if the sun is  beaming too hard on her car seat. She is a reminder that life is precious, and life can be simple. I can only hope when she grows older she’ll still want me to blow bubbles for her, and pick out her outfits. I hope she will still appreciate my company as I will still enjoy her laughter.


airportUntil next time-my candy from Dallas


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