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Hi! I would like to introduce to you guys to “Suit up” Sundays. Usually when people refer to the phrase “suit up” it typically means – get dressed, or ready for a game/activity. As this year begins it is critical for me to move towards a more productive lifestyle. In order to accomplish this I have dedicated one day to prepare myself for the entire week. Now you may be saying to yourself, “Sunday is the day of rest”, however; “suiting up” doesn’t necessarily mean work. You can use Suit Up Sunday as a way to get yourself together spiritually or physically. Here are different things that you can do to get yourself prepared for the week:


Church – Make a commitment to go to church on Sundays. Even if it is not every Sunday make sure it is on your list of priorities. I personally cannot grow if I don’t have a spiritual outlet. Church allows me to pray and fellowship with other people who are after the same thing. If you aren’t too sure where to start you can always go to a non-denominational, multi cultural church. I was raised in the church, so this is easy for me. I promise you will feel refreshed and ready to start your week on a good note.

Listen to sermons on YouTube – If you opt out of going to church you can always listen to sermons online. Some of my favorites include TD Jakes and Joyce Meyer. When I first moved to Baltimore I didn’t have or know a church to go to, so I would look for sermons and seek God this way. You can play these while you get ready in the morning, or as you are making breakfast. Here is one of my favorites:

Meditate/Pray – As you saw in my New Year’ Eve blog, I decided to start my prayers in the morning. I think meditation and prayer is so important to get in touch with  yourself. The first thing I do when I pray is thank God for everything that I can possibly think of. (IE: Thank you that you woke me up this morning, Thank you that my family is safe from harm, Thank you that I woke up in a warm bed, and I have a place to sleep every night, etc.) Then I proceed to ask God for things that I need/desire. I do this every day, but on Sundays I want to dig a little deeper. Maybe committing to an hour of prayer/meditation could help build a stronger relationship with God. It will also give me a great start to my week.


Inspiration – Early on Sunday morning I like to listen to uplifting music or read a chapter of an inspirational book. I would recommend author Max Lucado for inspirational reads. As far as music concerned, I listen to anything from Barlow Girl to Hillsong. Music always gets me in a cheery mood. You can use this time to relax, meditate, and get your mind right before the week starts.


Grocery Shopping – Sunday is a good day to grocery shop if you are starting a new diet or just preparing yourself for the week. Going grocery shopping at the beginning of the week will allow you to eat healthier and make the most out of your time. I love to use the excuse, “I don’t have time to eat something healthy.”, so I’ll use my fast food alternative. If you grocery shop at the beginning of the week you can plan your meals according to your schedule. Don’t forget the Tupperware! If you want to take a look at my grocery list check out my Shopping Healthy blog.

Meal Prep – Since you have already done all of your grocery shopping you might as well cook! Meal prep is so important especially if you are trying to maintain weight. Again, we all use excuses about time and convenience when it comes to food, but if you meal prep before your week starts then you won’t have an excuse. Prepare yourself before the fast food temptation comes. The added bonus is you will save so much money prepping your meals rather than picking up a sandwich here and there. Using Sunday as a meal prep day prepares you for the week, saves you time, and money.

Fitness – Sunday is an awesome day to do non standard fitness exercises. You can use Sunday to stretch or do Yoga. I typically work out at least four times per week. I have the terrible habit of forgetting to stretch. Ok,  I don’t forget – I’m just lazy. Anyway, use Sunday to stretch your muscles to prepare for your work out routine during the week. You can also use Sunday as your sauna day to detox before the week starts, or as your whirlpool day where you can relax your muscles and give them a break from all of the running and lifting you did during the week.



Make-up – Since I don’t typically wear make-up I just found out you have to wash these things! You can also use this day to wash your make-up brushes. The recommended way to clean your make-up brushes is to place them in lukewarm water with a mild shampoo. After they are soaked you can brush them up against the edge of the bowl to ensure all of the color and bacteria is out. After that you can pat dry them on a towel or cloth. You should always have clean brushes to start your week.


Teeth Whitening – Every Sunday I brush my teeth with peroxide. I also have other products that I will recommend you to use that seem to work pretty well for me. Since you should only use these products once a week I decided to do it on Suit up Sunday because this is the day that I am tightening up and preparing everything for the week. I will do a separate blog on how to get and maintain a pearly smile.

Shave/Wax – I love to get Brazilian waxes. Well, not love to get them, but I love the results. Honestly, they are quite painful. I don’t know of too many spas that are open on Sundays, but the lady that I go to is open by appointment. You can use this day to get all of the unnecessary hair off your body. Typically, shaving grows back within a week. Waxing takes a little longer, so you can skip waxing every other Sunday. If you get Brazilian waxes they typically recommend once per month. I have also used at home waxing kits. They can be tough to use if you aren’t careful.

Moisturize your hair – I am currently using olive oil, Simplicity Hair Oil Blend, and Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy to moisturize my hair. Since I am trying to take better care of my hair I have been washing and deep conditioning my hair every Sunday. I leave these three things in it throughout the week until I am ready to wash it out again. I have been wearing protective hairstyles such as braids and buns. Hopefully this will allow my hair to grow longer and healthier. Right now my hair is in a state of emergency. It is dry, brittle, and broken off. Since it is healthiest to wash your hair once a week, why not wash and deep condition on Suit up Sunday? You can also use a masque to deep condition and wash.


Change your bedding – There is nothing better than fresh linen. I love the fresh scents. Super cozy! Changing your bedding once a week is also good for your skin. At times the oils from our hair can get onto our pillows and rub off on our faces. This oil can clog pores and cause bacteria to spread. Sunday is a good day to wash all of your sheets and pillow cases. There is nothing more comforting than getting into a fresh and clean bed at the end of your week.


Clean out purse – My life is all over the place. I move pretty quickly, and come and go every where. Normally when I make purchases I throw the receipt and change right into my purse. Obviously, throughout the week I accumulate junk and change at the bottom of my bag. At the beginning of the week you can empty your purse, clean out any debris, throw out old receipts, and put that change in a piggy bank. You can also decide if you want to switch purses that week or keep the same one. I wear the same purse for months at a time. Sue me! This is a great way to start your week off fresh. You”ll certainly be able to find that old receipt you were looking for.

Clean your car – There was one point in my life when I basically lived out of my car. I was so busy with work and school and friends and party that I never stopped driving. I had to constantly have items in my car at the beginning of the week that would prepare me for anything. I had underwear, toothbrushes, gel, hair ties, etc. Honestly, I was a mess! Keep your car clean. Even if you leave a bag in the back seat with all of your emergency essentials, you can keep them neatly folded in a bag. On Sunday you can take the time to vacuum and dust off that dashboard. Honestly, I hate cleaning my car, but I do feel so much better after I do it. You can also take this time to check your fluids. You can refill your windshield wiper fluid, make sure you have enough oil in your car, etc. I don’t know much, but my last car gave me so many problems I thought I’d be able to build one if you asked me to. This will give you a great start to your week.

Again, Suit up Sunday is not designed for you to vigorously work on your life. It is more geared towards preparing yourself for the week. You can do one thing from each category. If you’re real ambitious you can do all of these things. Suit up Sunday should be used to get your mind right to make the most out of your week. You can take all the time your need to carefully complete these tasks. There is no rush or race. The key to life is preparation. I am hoping these Sunday pointers have helped you out.

Which ones do you like? What could we add? Which ones will you do next Sunday?

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