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I’ve been in such a vulnerable place these past few weeks. I’ve spent this time reflecting, figuring out what I truly want in life. I’ve always known one can literally be anything and live anywhere in life. It wasn’t until things took an unexpected turn where I truly started to believe and live in that space. I doubt I will be in Baltimore next year. I will be wrapping things up with school and work in the next coming months. Who knows where the wind will blow, but I’m embracing and taking it all in. ATL21 This past weekend I went to Atlanta to visit my best friend, Ashley. I took this time to get some much needed rest.  I detached myself from my norm for a little while. My goal when I went wasn’t to party, it was simply to get away. Ashley has always been a good shoulder to lean on, and Atlanta is absolutely beautiful. ATL5 I arrived Thursday morning after a long night of packing and fighting with my washer and dryer. Although I went to sleep late I didn’t feel tired when I arrived. Ashley greeted me with open arms. Since she had to work later in the afternoon we decided our first stop would be FOOD! Oh God, anyone who knows me knows I love trying new food and restaurants. Like, it actually brings joy to my life! We stopped at a breakfast spot called, Thumbs up Diner. It was a cute small restaurant, very country like. It was also pretty inexpensive which I always enjoy. Ashley and I both ordered the “build your own breakfast” option. I loved the bacon and grits. Yum!


Ashley went to work in the afternoon, so I decided to go to the hair salon. I figured I’d be there for a while so I could burn sometime till she got home. I was right! I was at the salon for about 3 hours. They only had two hair dressers there and about 4 clients ahead of me. It was ok though because I didn’t really have anything better to do. After the salon, I went to go pick Ashley up from work. We decided to go to Fridays for dinner and drinks. That night, I slept like a baby. I was exhausted from my flight, being at the salon all day, and one too many drinks.


The next morning we decided to go grocery shopping and run a couple of errands. I bought a cute bathing suit at Walmart so we could sit by the pool later on in the day, but the bottoms didn’t fit (note to self: get back in the gym). We also wanted to try Nicki Minaj’s moscato called, Myx, so we picked some up at Walmart. They were pretty good. They have a very bubbly, yet soft taste. They are very similar to wine coolers. They don’t sell them every where so it was good to finally get to taste them.



 Ashley went to work later on that evening, and I stayed in the apartment. I relaxed, watched movies, drank wine, and cooked dinner for Ashley. When she got home we decided to go to Walmart to get some cookie ice cream sandwiches. Those things are addictive. So good! That night we sat around watching, “Next Friday” while eating ice cream. #ladyysbelike ATL18 Saturday morning we decided to check out the mall. Ashley lives less than 2 miles away from StoneCrest Mall so it was fitting. We ate, talked, walked around, shopped, and played. I purchased these snazzy pants. Do you like them? ATL19 After all of this walking around, we were tired. We went back to the apartment and sat on the balcony. Ashley whipped up some nice drinks for us while she listened and I complained. We made plans to go out that night, but decided not to since it was the night of the Mayweather fight. We knew many people wouldn’t be out to mingle with.


My flight left early Sunday morning. We were up pretty late the night before so needless to say, I was exhausted on the plane. It felt like I blinked, and I was back in Baltimore. Later that day I went to church. The service was beautiful, and I felt free for the first time in a long time. I think vacation/getaways are needed to clear your mind. Just make sure you don’t turn your vacation into a stressful event. A lot of people make that error. I’m glad I got to see my friend. I’m glad I got to chill out and sleep in for a couple of days. I’m glad I’m able to afford a ticket to travel any where. A lot of people don’t always have the opportunities that I have.

Before I left I posted a pic on Instagram with the caption, “Two arms around me, heaven to ground me, and a family that always calls me home. At the end of the day Lord I pray I have a life that’s good“. That is truly my prayer right now. I just want a good life. I want happiness more than ever. If I find it in another state I’m more than willing to pursue it.



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