Summer Work Out Motivation

Hey Ladyys! You don’t have to go outside to know that summer is in full swing. Since I have under gone some changes (moving, new job, etc) it kind of knocked me off my workout and diet schedule. I am proud to say that I am back into the swing of things. This morning I weighed in at 142lbs. You guys know my dream weight is 130lbs, but I’m not as pressed as I used to be. I think I will get there eventually.

Life has many ups and downs. Every once in a while I get thrown off track with my weight loss journey, but the best advice I got was to never stop trying. Even if you miss a week of working out or you had a weekend filled with twinkies and Chardonnay. You can still recover. When I first started losing weight I was dieting and exercising to LOSE WEIGHT. These days I work out and eat clean to stay healthy. I instantly noticed changes in my skin, energy levels, and even my sleeping pattern. Once I got it in my head that I needed to work out and eat healthy to stay fit and have more energy throughout the day I was more motivated to work out.

For the summer, here are a few tips and tools you can use to stay motivated.

I use MyFitnessPal to track my calorie intake. People that track how much they are eating are less likely to overeat. Even if you go over your daily calorie intake goal you are still likely to eat less than if you weren’t paying attention at all. Here is a peak into today’s MyFitnessPal diary:


I try to work out at least 4 times per week. The new community I moved to doesn’t have a gym so instead of joining a commercial gym I decided to save money and walk/run outside. Lately I’ve been walking 4 miles per day. I’d normally run, but I don’t like to run outside because it hurts my knees. “Old ladyy Laura” I use an app called RunKeeper to track my miles and calories. Here is a peak of my activity this week:


We all know that without diet and exercise you cannot lose weight, but there are so many little things you can do this summer that can make BIG differences to help aid weight loss and health.

Stay hydrated – Try to drink a gallon of water per day.

Dranks – Slow down on the drinks. If you decide to “drank” try Skinny Girl vodka brand. Always do wine over beer.

Stay active – Get up and walk to the printer girl! Park far from the grocery store. Move your body.

Play outside – Not literally, but literally. Run outside. You’ll sweat more. You can even try the beach. Running on the beach can be a challenge though. Let me know how it goes.

Vitamins – Pick a multi-vitamin that works for you. Vitamins like B12 can help boost your metabolism and give you energy.

Late Night Snacks – Your last meal should be before 9PM. Do not eat late night snacks. You can wait till the morning. You’ll have plenty of time to devour those frosted flakes. Your metabolism will thank you.

I hope this helps guys! As you know I’m not a professional. I’m just a regular lady out here doing regular things. I hope you have great plans for the summer. I’m going to Vegas in July so hopefully I’ll come back with some cute pics and an awesome body to share…the pics that is. Ha!

Email me your questions.

With so much love,


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