Wherever You Are

I’d always wonder whose hand I’d reach out for as the man of my dreams waits for me at the end of the aisle.
Who could possibly give me away.
You’ve been gone more years than the years I knew  you.
Some how I still remember how your beard would scratch my tiny red cheeks.
I wonder.
Wherever you are.
If you remember this curly brown haired girl that adored even the scent of your clothing.
Wherever you are.
I hope you have found the essence of all understanding.
I hope you have unveiled the better part of life.
I hope you have discovered what I can’t seem to find here.
I know even when I finally give my heart to a man.
I will still be in search of your hand.
Wherever you are.

May you rest in absolute peace
Luis Manuel Arroyo Sr.

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