See you later.

With the best intentions I’ve tried to drum up some inspiration to keep writing on this platform. I still find myself writing tiny sentences in my phone that often spiral into something greater. I build upon my thoughts any time I find myself feeling anything remotely similar to the way I felt before. To put it plainly – I derive my art from pain. To put it clear – I am no longer in a state of complete sorrow, or dragging, or on the edge of my cliff. I used to feel like love was impossible, and ironically I found beauty in the sense that we would never be satisfied on earth. I may revisit this notion two years from now, but as for now – endless possibility has arrived at my door step. Like a newborn child – so sweet and warm, but what do I do with her? So every day, I do feel the joy of having possibility, but I also feel the fear of not knowing what to do with it.
Any time life is just too good to be true – it is.

What do you think?

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