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CAVA claims to be committed to flavorful food that follows their families’ traditional Greek and Mediterranean cooking. They pride themselves on using local organic farms to bring fresh seasonal recipes to the neighborhood.

They just opened a CAVA close to my apartment so I decided to stop  in a few times this month so I could prepare a review for you all. I have never heard of CAVA or tried it before but it looked fairly busy on a Sunday night so I figured if people were there then it must be good. I have been actively trying to lose weight so of course my “go to” meal was a salad which I have gotten every time I go there.

I usually get the following:

Mesclun Mix Salad (18  calories)
No dips or spreads
Grilled Chicken (250 calories)
Tomato + Onion Salad (20 calories)
Tomato + Cucumber Salad (5 calories)
Pita Crisps (120 calories)
Pickled Banana Peppers (5 calories)
Greek Vinaigrette (170 calories)

Total Calories: 588

(ok…I could do without the Pita Crisps for 120 calories, but I need some crunch to my salad.)

Anyway, I must say the food is excellent and flavorful. The flavors are very different from a traditional grilled chicken salad because of the Greek influence, so you have to have a pallet or interest in trying food that is outside of your culture. CAVA gets an A+ from me for taste.

Unfortunately, CAVA’s customer service is terrible. Every time I went (3 times) they were out of an item. For God’s sake they were even out of toilet paper in the women’s restroom! Their style of serving is similar to Chipotle and Subway, so you see your food being made. You don’t know that they are out of something until you ask for it and half of your salad has already been made. Then you’re like, “well damn,  what do I do now?”, so basically you have to eat an incomplete salad.

So, it’s all fine and dandy, whatever, I’ll eat my salad without dressing, but the fact that the staff is so unapologetic about it is what kills me. Every single time they were missing a food item (3 times) the server simply said, “we  don’t have anymore”. As I look back at them like, “Ok, well this is embarrassing, how are you going to fix this?”, all I get is blank stares. One of the servers even looked at me and gestured like, “so do you want the salad or not?”. They look at you like it’s your problem.

What kills me about places that have servers or staff like this is that I’m not even hard to please. I never want service people to kiss my ass, or roll take their coats off for me to walk over a puddle. A simple, “I am so sorry mam, but we are out of Pita Crisps right now.” would have been fine. Not a, “soooo what you gonna do about it” glare. Apologize, give me other options, say something!!!

Anyway, what really grinds my gears though, is CAVA is not cheap. This salad and seltzer water came to $12.58. Ok, I’ll pay the $12.58, but that’s a high price to feel unappreciated as a customer. I do want to say this may not be true at all locations, but the experience I’ve had at this one  location basically taints the brand.

Quality of food: A+
Customer Service: F

No more to say here.
Go out, try it, and tell me what  you think.

With love,

Lady Laura

2 thoughts on “Review: CAVA

  1. I use to live by the original Cava and love it! They actually originally started as a restaurant which is still there I believe. I’m sorry the customer service is bad at yours, they’re pretty nice at the one near me.

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