Writer’s Block

I used to say I couldn’t write because I was no longer broken.

But now, ironically, I write because I have found love, and although I shed many tears for all the years I wasted.
I find  comfort in the streams that flow down my face because now they are completely developed from love and joy.

I have found love.

I just don’t know what I could have ever done to deserve such a thing. And many times my spirit fails to soak it all in when I’m  laying next to you.

When I’m  laying next to you I feel like God has found a new way of revealing himself to me. I assume you don’t understand. You’ve never worn these shoes.

But this isn’t about  me, or poetry, or you. It’s  about  a manifestation of love between two people that can cure the slightest form of writer’s block.

What do you think?

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