Featured Artist: Cammie

Cammie is a student and artist based out of Maryland. Callidescope Art isn’t a misspelling, but a representation of herself. Although she has no formal education in art, it has been her main source of expression for over 10 years. In addition to her paintings and crafts, she provides makeup services for weddings and other events.

Life is full of so many different pieces…
Which may seem meaningless or trivial on their own, but when grouped together or seen from a different point of view, they become works of art. Cammie is big on abstract art and letting things flow without a concrete explanation. Within her art, these broken pieces “collide” with one another, creating bright and bold shapes that can be interpreted in many ways.

ccammie 5cammie 4Cammie 3cammie 1




To get in contact with Cammie please email: callidescopeart@gmail.com

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