Taking Chances: Letter to xoNecole

Good Morning,

An acquaintance of mine mentioned me under the comments section of your ad calling for contributors. I am ecstatic, 1) because my friend thinks I’m a good enough writer to contribute to the xoNecole brand, but 2) because I have been following the brand for a while and have seen how it has evolved. Like most women, we grow. Like most women writers, our content changes with that growth.

I am Laura Arroyo. I grew a passion for writing at a very young age. At first using it as a means for escape from my daily trials. You know, the ones that come with being a woman, and being colored, and having big hair and a radiant wild heart. Click To TweetI drew influence from the books I read, and quoted authors over and over again in my head to get me through. I realized the impact of writing and literature once I realized that I wouldn’t have made it without it. I decided to pursue a Bachelors in English Literature largely because it was something I enjoyed, but I also had a young English teacher who taught me so much about how you can be transparent in your writing without gutting yourself…

All it took was one heartbreak. I started LadyLaura.co in 2014. My high school sweetheart moved out and I lost all sense of myself. I began writing excerpts for the blog as an outlet, which turned into relationship advice, which turned into lifestyle tips, and so on.

I’m writing you today, not because I want to discontinue LadyLaura.co, but because I know what it is like to be a woman that is lost in her junk. I know what it feels like to be liberated. I know what it is like to find a site, an article, a journal that I felt like had all the answers. I would like to contribute to the peace, laughter, and liberation of readers across the country, and hope that I’ll have that chance on xoNecole.
Pitch Ideas:





I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank your for your time,



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