What would you do?

The number one question I get from blog readers is, what should I do? I hate to tell people what to do because I’m simply not in the business of ruining lives, but what I will do is lay all of your concerns out across the table for you to tell me exactly how each element makes you feel. A lot of times people already have the answers. They just need to take a look in the mirror for themselves. Click To Tweet If you take a step back and look at any situation as if it doesn’t belong to you, as if you were someone else, then maybe you could ask yourself the same question, what would you do?

In reality the best way to love someone is to help them reveal the best version of themselves. Self awareness and communication is the key to any relationship. Knowing your own faults can help you decide if you’re willing to handle someone else’s. Can you bring out the best version of someone with your love? Or are you unwilling to take on the task? This is where a lot of people get stuck.

Guilt. You feel guilty for wanting to leave. Guilty for your own faults. Guilty for not being there.

Worry. Worry about where you will live. Worry about the other person’s emotional state. Worry about how you will move on.

You shouldn’t worry or feel guilty about wanting to stay or not wanting to stay. One thing I have learned and know for sure is that if you aren’t willing or are unable to bring out someone’s best self then you should move on. Moving away from a relationship you are unhappy with is not easy, and most of the time people prolong addressing the real issues for fear of breaking up. Click To Tweet The important question you should ask yourself is, “why do I feel guilty knowing that I am unable or unwilling to provide someone my best possible love?”

You know the answers to the questions you submit, but I know it feels good to get the confirmation you need to feel secure in your decision making. Regardless of what I have to say, if you want to stay or if you want to go, you should always follow the road that will lead to your happiness. I want to encourage you to live your best life everyday. Do your part. Give your relationship your EVERYTHING, and if there is ever a time that you are unable to do that, move on. Click To Tweet

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