5 Unique Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

Every year I rack my brain trying to figure out what to do for Mother’s Day. The same church and brunch routine has gotten a little tired, so this year I pulled together a list of activities that will bring a new tradition to your family’s Mother’s Day.

These 5 unique activities are a sure way to put a smile on your mother’s face.

Photo Shoot

image via Madamenoire by Kweli Wright

I can’t begin to tell you the last time I had a professional picture taken with my mom. This year instead of heading to your local JC Penny, wouldn’t it be nice to hire a make-up artist and photographer to capture your beautiful family? Although I strongly believe in living in the moment, photographs are an important way to make your memories last forever. Go ahead and get dolled up with your mom for some picture perfect fun this year!

Spa Day

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We are women who work, take care of children, and clean our homes all while trying to maintain a social life. Let’s face it! We are all due for a good massage, facial, or manicure. Call up some of your local spas to see if they offer any special packages for Mother’s Day. Be sure to join in on the festivities so you can enjoy some quality down-time with her as well.

Start a Garden

Image via Tumblr by aquietcottagelife

Gardens are symbolic. They represent growth, replenishment, and rebirth, which is probably why this is my favorite activity on the list. Head to your local gardening center and pick up a few supplies to begin. If you don’t have a yard, head to Home Goods for cute/unique pots. The great thing about starting a garden is you can continue the tradition every year by planting a new plant. A garden is something to build and maintain together for years to come.

Take a Cooking Class

Image via Honey & Jam by Hannah

Groupon offers tons of deals specifically for lessons. One that I’ve always wanted to take advantage of is a cooking class. Even if your mom knows how to get down in the kitchen, cooking classes are fun! Enjoy your mother’s company all while learning a new recipe or cooking technique. The best part will be tasting your masterpiece at the end of the session!

Puzzle/Escape Room


If you’re mom is an adventurous woman try taking her to an escape room. Escape rooms are like puzzles that involve solving a mystery or finding a missing key. If you have siblings this is a great way to include the entire family. They usually only last for about an hour, so you can plan this activity before or after lunch.

If you’re mom is not quite as adventurous, but enjoys puzzles, consider creating a custom puzzle that you all can work on together. Both of these options are sure ways to create lasting memories.

At times we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget how long it’s been since we dedicated time to our moms. A unique activity just for the two of you or with your siblings is always a special way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Regardless of how you spend your Mother’s Day this year be sure it involves spending quality time with your mother and family.

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