Language of the Heart

One of my good friends has been going through a change in her life. It isn't a bad change, but it is an adjustment to where she thought her life was headed versus where it actually is headed. This morning I sent her a text that read, "Don't let the things around you affect you [...]

Dear Laura

I try my best to surround myself around positivity. No one should ever want to remain the same. Everyone should be striving to become a better person than they were yesterday. Not only for others, but for themselves. I ask for advice from my closest friends all the time. I think it is important forĀ a [...]

Like a Flower

I found this post on Instagram, and I loved it so much I had to post it on my blog. This post speaks to how I feel about relationships in general. I think people become so entitled to your life once they decide to become your friend or start a relationship with you. Being in [...]