Suit-Up Sunday

Suit-Up Sunday

Happy Suit-Up Sunday! I am hoping you all were able to get something productive done today. I personally went to church, went apartment shopping, and did some minor meal prep. I know, I know - people always tell me that I move too much. I just posted a blog last year giving moving tips, and [...]

New Years Eve

I woke up today feeling grateful. God has kept me all this year and it's sad that I have just realized this in the wake of New Years Eve. I have been reflecting on changes I'd like to make. Some are more personal to share and some are small adjustments to help me become a [...]


"Maybe all any of us wants is to feel singled out for some long, sweet, quenching draft of love, some open-throated guzzling of it-like what a baby gets at the breast. The mystery of the Bible passages, marked just for me, does that."