Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending Youtube sensation, Tiffany Darlyn's wedding. I thought I'd share some photos and video from the evening. The wedding was so much fun. Thank you to the Davidsons' for inviting me!   "The central idea of love is not even a relationship commitment, the first thing is [...]

Thanksgiving Fun

I forgot to post pics from my Thanksgiving trip…ok, ok. I didn't forget. I just haven't had much time. Sorrrryyy! As most of you know I am originally from Newport News, VA which I officially call "home". So if I mention "home" typically it's my mom's house in Newport News, VA. We had a quiet [...]

Lines Drawn

I can't stand the lines that are drawn between men and women. I hate it. That we have to pretend we don't care. Why don't we love anymore? I don't understand why I have to wait till you call me so that I don't seem "thirsty", but I can't wait too long because then you [...]