Road Trip – ATL

I love a good road trip with the girls. For the holiday we went down to ATL. We visited Prive, Compound, and Wet Willies. Here are some photos from our time spent. Since I don't have an Instagram I always feel the need to share my photos here so you aren't deprived. Haha! Enjoy. BTW, [...]

Suit up Sunday

Hi! I would like to introduce to you guys to "Suit up" Sundays. Usually when people refer to the phrase "suit up" it typically means - get dressed, or ready for a game/activity. As this year begins it is critical for me to move towards a more productive lifestyle. In order to accomplish this I have [...]

Weight Loss Progress

As promised I wanted to update everyone on my weight loss progress. The last weight loss blog I posted was on September 19th. A month into my regimen I find myself content with my results so far, but I am not at all satisfied. I told you all I'd like to lose 10lbs in 3 [...]