Recommended Read: Between the World and Me

Unless you live under a rock then you've probably heard of the groundbreaking extended letter from Ta-Nehisi Coates to his adolescent son, Between the World and Me. Coates explores the ways black bodies have been broken down mentally and physically as he poses the questions that burned in his mind as a child that he [...]

Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block

I used to say I couldn't write because I was no longer broken. But now, ironically, I write because I have found love, and although I shed many tears for all the years I wasted. I find  comfort in the streams that flow down my face because now they are completely developed from love and joy. I [...]


"I don't get it. Why would anyone paint a picture of a door? Over and over again, like, dozens of times? "It wasn't the same." "Uh --yeah it was." "It was the same subject, but it was different every time. The light was different, her mood was different. She saw the same thing new every time [...]