Always compromise but never settle…

Always compromise but never settle…

As IĀ get older I have become very aware of what I am looking for in a significant other. Unfortunately, a lot of it has been through trial and ERROR. I won't apologize for my journey because I wouldn't be who I am with out all of those losers I gave my time to. Ok, just [...]


A part of me is haunted by the fact that one day I'll have to live and breathe on this earth without you. Today you had minor surgery. I cringe in anger that our bodies can fail us. I cower because it's a helpless happening of the human condition. We are forced into this. We [...]


"Maybe all any of us wants is to feel singled out for some long, sweet, quenching draft of love, some open-throated guzzling of it-like what a baby gets at the breast. The mystery of the Bible passages, marked just for me, does that."